Friday, 29 April 2011

April Post!

Feels like it's been a year with no posting on this lovely blog page, deeply sorry for ignoring you blopples.
I'm not that busy, actually. It was just me who didn't recharge my modem pulse for a month because I was having my mid-term exam, so I couldn't do browsing, surfing, nor blogging. *goofy face*

And now, I-am-back! after recharge my modem, I am able to do blogging, again, yeah! *exaggerated*
Actually, I do the replenishment because there were a trouble with my campus Wi-Fi. Someone (or more) cheated with the connection and make it as fast as snail. They use a netcut! (͡-̯͡-)
So, I had to bring my modem anywhere I go to keep connected to the internet. That's why I recharge it.
But, the problem've been solved, fortunately. *let's say thanks to God☺

So, I've finished my mid-term exam for this semester. I am doing well... ...wait, am I?
That's that, I've done (maybe) my best. And the marks have uploaded by the lecturers. All my marks are by far good... but one. But I won't tell you because it's one of my top secrets, huhehehe.

I was home last week to prepare my kebaya for my uncles' wedding 2 weeks over. And I have 2 kebayas! :) Maybe I could post the picture right as soon. Feel so excited to the D-day!

In campus, I am (still) joining several committees, in a different position of each. I have MagStorm, Keputrian Akbar, Taekwondo regeneration event, and blah blah blah. I enjoy it, though.

My new-short-run plans?
running back my reseller activities, send an application form for Indonesian International Week (check it here!), and buying a new 'something'. Hehe. Oh ya! one more, keep posting on this lovely honey bunny bloggy :))

Annisa Sudibyo