Monday, 31 January 2011

Saturday Night at d'ocean Seafood Resto

My college friends and I went to d’ocean restaurant to have a dinner this Saturday night. Actually, we were all being treated by 4 of my friends because they have just had their birthday.

Quoted from d’ocean website, here is the explanation:

“d’ocean is a family restaurant with specially assorted seafood dishes such as prawns, squid, crab, fish and clams. Combination of local spices with a unique cooking technique prepared by professional and experienced chefs, creating dishes with appealing presentations and authentic traditional taste. The essence of the dishes are found in its freshness and premium ingredients originated ranging from Sabang to Merauke, combined with an excellent mixture of spices. Explore the unforgettable dining experience at d’ocean premium seafood restaurant with the comfortable and cozy atmosphere.”

In my own opinion, interior of D'Ocean is quite modern, this restaurant has two floors with a capacity of 150 people, more or less. And yeah, this is a cozy and comfy place with delicious-prizy foods. But I think the prize is quite worth with what we get and what they serve.

Wanna see how that place interior looks like, here it is. I googled it because I didn’t take any picture on that night. 

 Source: here

How about the menu? Actually I have lil bit forget what we ordered on that night. But I still remember some. Here is the easiest menu to be memorized, Tahu Telur Merapi! I remember this one because of its unique name and appearance. It was made of tofu covered by eggs.

 Source: here

Next, another menu that I can still remember is this one, Udang Galah Bakar Saus Madu (Grilled Prawns with Honey Sauce). Here's the picture. 

 Source: here

As far as I remember, we also ordered Hot Plate Kangkung Lombok Balacan (Lombok Swam Cabbage Balacan on Hot Plate) and some more that I cannot remember any longer. -_-

Last, this is the address of this seafood resto, try it sometimes, blopples!

Komplek Tendean Square 1-1A

Kapten Tendean Wolter Mongisidi 122-124
Jakarta Indonesia

Phone: 021 7278 9777

*updated* The restaurant have moved somewhere else when I last pass Tendean Street. :|


Annisa Sudibyo

Good Night, Sleep Tight

My insomnia is getting worse, blopple!
It is already 6.13 morning here, but I haven't take some sleep yet, even just for a minute. Oh my God, somehow I scare with this condition. This is the most bad effect after had an exam, always. I cannot fix my sleep schedule so that I will always wake up in the night, and take a long-sleep in the morning until afternoon.
Call me a nocturnal mammal then. I know that this is not good at all for my body, but I still find a way to get rid of this bad habit. Do one of you have some tips 'n trick to help me heal my insomnia? Tell me soon, then.

I have an appointment today, this afternoon. So I think better I take some sleep now, 4 or 5 hours before I go out. I don't wanna have 'a panda eyes' so I have and have to sleep, sleep, and sleep.

Happy Sunday all, and good night for my self, have a nice sleep!

Friday Night at d'cost Plaza Semanggi

Hi, blopples!
Last Friday Night (January, 28th 2011), I and eleven of my friends were having a regular social gathering, or usually called 'arisan' in this country. Girls time! For this month, we choose d'cost seafood Plaza Semanggi as the venue. Um... Maybe before I going too far, I will explain you a little about what 'arisan' is, for those of you who don't know yet.

Quoted from wikipedia, here is the description about arisan itself:
"Arisan is an Indonesian social gathering in which a group of friends and relatives meet monthly for a private lottery. Each member of the group deposits a fixed amount of money into a pot, then a name is drawn and that winner takes home the cash. After having won, the winner's name is removed from the pot until each member has won and then the cycle is complete. This is called a fixed lottery because it is fair to all participants in that each member wins an equal amount over the course of a complete cycle."
For me, arisan is not about the money or who will win the cash, it's more about having a quality time with your friends. As usual as always, I love togetherness, and arisan is one that can build a togetherness. So I love Arisaaan!! hahaha.

So, here is the story, the members of this arisan is me, Nana, Uti, Ninda, Tifani, Fara, Clara, Icha, Linda, Rani, Mayang and Dhanti. But sadly, Dhanti couldn't come because she had to meet her father. And, oh yup, we had Fenny too, she is not the member, but she is such a very kind-hearted angel who want to take pictures of us. Here are some of the pictures.

As I have mentioned before, We went to d'cost seafood, it is kind of seafood restaurant
with a quite-affordable price. We were talking, taking photos, and do so many things while waiting for our orders.

Tifani, Fenny, Clara, Fara

me & Tifani

And here they are, we ordered Gurame Asam Manis, Tumis Kangkung Balacan & Sambal Terasi, Gurame Bakar and Cumi Saus Padang (if I'm not mistaken). Um... I googled the photos because I didn't take any photos of foods. But, don't worry, this is similar enough with what we ate. If it's compared with anothers seafood resto, d'cost is quite cheap and affordable, and the service is good enough. You should come here together with your friends or family so that you can share the order, I mean, It's quite impossible to eat one Gurame Asam Manis by yourself, rite? haha.

Tumis Kangkung Balacan & Sambal Terasi (source)

 Cumi Saus Padang (Padang Sauce Squid)  (source)
Gurame Asam Manis (source)

Over all, I love this night, nice gathering, and I feel so full! hahaha. And, oh yup, we got two winners this time, because we'll have a holiday on February, so we cannot meet up each other on that month. So, here they are, Icha & Linda! The winner of January and February. Look at what Linda hold, oh, they must be so happy during the holiday :)

Icha and Linda

Happy Holiday all!
Annisa Sudibyo

Kamu. Kami. Kita.


Ini dini hari dan aku belum juga merasakan kantuk. Inilah efek samping yang paling malas aku temui selepas kita menghadapi ujian, ujian tengah semester pun ujian akhir.

Karena mata ini belum mau terpejam, iseng-iseng aku membuka salah satu situs social networking di pagi buta begini, agak gila memang, dan tebak apa yang aku temui? Beberapa puluh foto yang baru saja selesai kau unggah beberapa jam yang lalu. Foto-foto yang menggambarkan kebahagiaan yang semburatnya nampak jelas terpancar dari senyummu dan juga teman-temanmu serta kekasihmu di dalam foto-foto itu.

Kamu punya hidup yang nyaris sempurna, tidakkah kamu sadar? Orang tuamu kaya raya, orang tua kekasihmu pun kaya raya, parasmu ayu bahkan mungkin paling ayu dari seluruh kami yang kamu sebut teman, hubungan percintaanmu langgeng dan aku yakin kekasihmu punya rasa cinta kasih yang teramat besar untuk dirimu, keluargamu sempurna, dengan ayah, ibu dan saudara-saudara kandungmu yang jelas sangat mencintaimu.

Lantas mengapa keluhan begitu sering menyambangi dirimu dan memaksa bibir tipismu yang indah itu untuk melontarkannya?

About Me

Full Name: Annisa Pratiwi Sudibyo
Gender: Female
Birth Date: November, 27th
Height: 160 cm
Profession: College Student
Nationality: Indonesia
Religious Views: Islam
E-mail address:

So, welcome here. My name's Annisa, 17-goin-on-18 y.o. girl who is taking my bachelor degree at Bakrie University, South Jakarta, Jakarta Capital Region, Indonesia. Majoring in Management, batch 2009. I am a full-blooded Javanesse, but I was born and growth in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia.

I do blogging, writing short stories (sometimes), drawing, anything interesting. Not a really good-listener, I prefer being an attractive story-teller. Careless and have a little problem with short memory syndrome. I read all kind of books, as long as it suits me and interesting.

I made this blog just to write things down, things that left unsaid. For me, when things are unspoken, it can still be written. Just like another blog post, I post my thoughts, my activities, my favorite things, my plans, and blah blah blah.
Hope you enjoy reading this blog!

Annisa Pratiwi Sudibyo

Early Dinner with Pals @ Hoka Hoka Bento Ambassador Mall

Hi there, I can't sleep so here we go, posting in the middle of night.
This post is about what I've done on Thursday afternoon (January, 27th 2011) with my college friends (boards of Himpunan Mahasiswa Manajemen Universitas Bakrie 2010/2011).We were gathered together and had an early dinner at Hoka Hoka Bento Japannese Restaurant at Ambassador Mall. We were all happy, noisy, and also hungry, hahaha. Some of us were busy on taking a picture, some others were chatting and talking about whatever the topic was, even one of us was doing a  trick, so entertaining! And also full of yelling, hahaha. These are some pictures from us. Enjoy.

It was so amazing and full of joy, togetherness and happiness. Love you all, friends!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

No Chinese-Japanese-Russian, Please!

For: My Lovely English Lecturer
From: Your (Lovely) Student

Hi ma'am, I hope you won't be surprised with this letter. No, this is not the second part of my essay that I've done in final exam last Thursday, absolutely not.
Umm... and I don't make this letter in order to get a good mark from you, no, no at all, because I know that I'm not really good at writing and I bet I'll get a bad score if I ask you to do so.

Kepada Ide

Hai ide, ini aku ketikkan sebuah surat pendek untukmu. Aku sedang butuh bantuanmu, apalagi bulan-bulan ini, juga bulan depan. Tolong jangan pergi kemana-mana dulu ya. Jangan pula bermusuhan dengan semangat. Karena dirimu tanpa semangat, dan semangat tanpa dirimu, membuat ambisiku tidak bisa berjalan sempurna.
Hai ide, tetaplah berdiam dan muncullah disaat-saat aku sangat membutuhkan. Muncullah dengan wujud yang berbeda-beda, seperti yang selama ini sering kamu lakukan. Supaya tidak monoton dan aku tidak dicap orang yang habis-ide.
Hai ide, maaf ya jika aku egois dan terus memaksamu. Tapi aku memang benar-benar membutuhkanmu. Jadi tolong, jangan kemana-mana ya...
Terima kasih pengertianmu.

Dirimu yang egois.

Surat Singkat Cinta Buat Keyboard

Hai my lovely ProBook keyboard, this is a letter made for you, a special and full-of-love letter. But, I won’t make it becomes complicated and long words. I just want you to know that you DO help-me-a-lot! You help me making my task, my paper, my status on facebook, my twit, my blog post, my comment post, and sooo on so forth. Even you also help me making this love letter. You do great, your duet with my ten fingers is awesome. Thank you a lot, keyboard. Jangan rusak dulu yaa! You still have a duty to help me making my SKRIPSI! :D

Tons of love

#30harimenulissuratcinta #day7

Saturday, 22 January 2011

. . .

Happy saturday all. How's your day?
Mine? Not too good, so far. You know, just flat and filled by doing nothing.
You know what's my most visited place today? The answer is, bath room. I don't go anywhere else but bath room. All I do is just stay aaaaaaaaall daaay in my bed room. Almost doing nothing.

Yes I know this is bad, bad habit. You shouldn't follow, for sure.
I plan to start studying (again) this night, so somehow I just wanna spend all my free-time and just take a hibernation from that heavy books and formulas.

I still in my final exam, btw. This is my 3rd semester, so this is my 3rd final exam since I entered university. Four subjects more for next week to go finishing this exam.
And I have allready had so many to-do-lists after my exam done.

First, I'm gonna make a film project with my friends, to participate in my campus' event.

Then, I'm gonna make a paper about Corporate Governance with my Integrity Team (Nessy Diana and Hesti Aulia), to participate in ICMSS (Indonesian Capital Market Student Studies) which is held by Management Departement Faculty of Economy University of Indonesia.

Then, I'm gonna make some (what it called?) umm.. such a handycraft to be competed in my campus' event too. Maybe I will post my do-it-myself handycraft in the next post, if I have a time.

Next lists are such happy-to-do-lists, haha. Yeah, I've promised my friend to accompany her go shopping in Pasar Senen (Senen Market), searching for a new lenses for her -or maybe our- glasses. Then, I also wanna go to Pasar Asemka (Asemka Market) searching for my handycraft’s materials.

And last, I and my aunty are going to hunt some good materials for our kebaya (kebaya is a common traditional dress for us, Indonesian). My uncle are going to get married this April, so we have to make a kebaya to be worn on that event. Maybe I will post the photo next time :)

So, enjoy your day people, and so do I, I'm trying to.
p.s: please pray for my exam, hope the marks will go well :)

Warm Regards

Greetings From Jakarta

Hai Mas astronom, kumaha damang? Hehe...
Entah datang niatan dari mana, tiba-tiba kok saya kepikiran untuk kirim surat buat Mas, yah anggap aja ini surat dari fans fanatiknya Mas, walaupun cuma sekali kita bertemu muka.

Gimana Mas di Lembang? Masih dingin seperti waktu saya main kesana?
Mas sendiri apa kabar? Masih sering tugas di Boscha kan? Kapan-kapan kalo saya main ke Bandung, saya pasti main ke Boscha lagi deh, dan semoga bisa ketemu sama Mas lagi, hehe.

Oh iya Mas, makasih lho udah accept friend request saya di facebook. Ngga nyangka ternyata Mas gaul juga ya, punya facebook. Lebih ngga nyangka lagi kalo ternyata Mas masih belum sepenuhnya lupa sama saya, terbukti dari balasan wall facebook Mas waktu itu.

Saya masih inget lho semua-semuanya waktu liburan ke Bandung kemarin, apalagi waktu di Boscha. Sebenarnya waktu itu kondisi badan saya lagi ngga terlalu fit, jadi saya ngga bisa jadi saya-yang-selalu-excited seperti biasanya. Tapi nih Mas ya, waktu di Boscha, mood saya jadi agak naik waktu dengerin penjelasan tentang tata surya, jagat raya, rasi bintang, lensa Carl-Zeiss, sejarah observatorium, dan semua hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan astronomi. Waktu itu Mas juga pernah bilang kan, kalo ilmu astronomi itu jelas beda sama ilmu astrologi, dan kami –semua yang lagi menyimak penjelasan yang Mas kasih– cuma bisa manggut-manggut sambil tertawa kecil.

Saya kagum berat dari pertama kali saya liat Mas ngejelasin tentang tata surya dan segala embel-embelnya itu. Plonga-plongo keheranan campur kagum begitu liat presentasi Mas yang penuh gambar dan animasi planet-planet sama rasi bintang. Sampai sekarang saya juga belum lupa lho sama namanya Mas. Paling kagum lagi akan cara penyampaian Mas yang ringan dan sambil bercanda-canda sama audience, pas banget sama penampilan Mas yang sederhana tapi bersahaja. Kemeja lengan pendek, dimasukkan ke dalam celana dasar panjang. Ditambah dengan kacamata dan peci Arab. Mas keliatan banget orang pinternya.

Satu kekaguman terbesar saya sama Mas itu adalah, ilmu yang Mas punya membuat Mas jadi lebih dekat dengan Sang Pencipta. Saya masih ingat betul waktu Mas bilang kalo sebenarnya kita ngga perlu takut sama yang namanya kiamat, toh udah ada yang ngatur kan? Wow, itu statement brilian bagi saya waktu itu.

Sekali lagi, tolong surat ini jangan disalahartikan ya Mas, anggap aja dari fans fanatik. Jarang-jarang saya ketemu orang pinter kayak Mas. Pokoknya saya kagum berat deh. Tetap jadi Mas astronom yang saya lihat waktu itu ya Mas, dan tetap jalanin semua program edukasi ke sekolah-sekolah yang bertujuan untuk memperkenalkan teropong & astronomi ke mereka. That’s so great!
Oh iya, salam juga ya buat istri Mas dan anak-anak. Semoga Mas sekeluarga selalu dilimpahi berkah sama Yang Diatas.


#30harimenulissuratcinta #day6

5th (simple) letter

Hello worlds, this is the fifth love-letter that I post in here, in my blog. This letter –and so do all previous love letter under label ’30 hari menulis surat cinta– is made in order to participate in #30harimenulissuratcinta (
Actually I was so don’t-know-what-to-write when I made this letter, because I am in my final exam now, sooo, just take a look, this is both fiction-but-honest-love-letter. 

#30harimenulissuratcinta #day5

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sama Kuantitas, Beda Kualitas

Tik, tok, tik, tok, detik berjalan, berganti menit, menjadi kumpulan jam, menggenapkan satu hari lagi yang berhasil dilalui.
Tik, tok, tik, tok, keesokannya, waktu masih terus berputar dan tidak pernah berhenti barang sejenak untuk meluruskan kaki atau menghela peluh. Tidak. Waktu itu sangat kuat, ia tidak pernah lelah barang sepersekian detik pun.
Tik, tok, tik, tok, waktu juga sangat adil. Dia memberikan jatah yang sama bagi setiap hari yang ia lalui. 24 jam untuk setiap harinya. Begitu terus dari dahulu, dan akan terus begitu hingga kapan pun. Tidak pernah ada satu hari yang diberi jatah lebih oleh waktu. Tidak. Mereka semua sama.
Lantas, apa yang membuat hari-hari terasa berbeda? Satu hari terasa sangat indah, hari lain terasa sangat buruk. Satu hari terasa begitu cepat, hari lain terasa sangat lama berdiam.
Pernahkah kita bertanya pada diri kita sendiri? Apa yang telah kita lakukan dalam setiap hari-hari kehidupan kita? Bergunakah? Atau justru kita habiskan tanpa tahu apa yang sudah kita lakukan?
Saat hari diisi oleh manfaat, hari itu dapat terasa sangat indah dan berguna, bisa jadi terasa cepat, atau bisa juga lambat. Cepat karena kita tak pernah menyisakan waktu tak berguna diantara kegiatan kita, lambat karena kita merasa kurang dan masih ingin melakukan lebih banyak lagi manfaat dalam satu hari.
Saat hari yang kita miliki kita siakan, hari itu dapat terasa sangat indah –pada awalnya, namun seketika dibuntuti oleh rasa penyesalan yang datang dengan cepat, atau bisa juga dia terlambat. Dapat terasa cepat, dapat pula terasa lambat. Cepat karena hari itu hanya diisi oleh kemalasan yang membuat waktu pun enggan berlama-lama bersama kita. Lambat karena kita tak tahu apa yang harus dilakukan, kita hanya bisa membuang dan acuh terhadap sang waktu.
Lalu, yang mana yang harus dipilih?
Tanya jawabannya pada diri sendiri. Karena untung ruginya kembali lagi kepada kita. Waktu? Waktu tidak akan pernah peduli, walau kita campakan ia sekali pun, waktu akan tetap berjalan dan tidak akan berhenti hanya untuk menunggu kita berubah. Tidak, tidak akan pernah.
-- Im so happy that today I dont waste my time and use it for studying and doing nice things. I hope this is not only last for a couple of days.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Schöne Bleistift

Haaaaaaaaalloooooooooo ☺
Hihihi, aku kelihatan girang ya? Iya dong, aku harus girang karna aku lagi tulis surat ini buat kamu.
Hmm... Baiknya mulai dari mana ya?
Oh iya, kamu apa kabar? Sekarang kamu dimana? Aku kangeeeen banget sama kamu.
Aku minta maaf ya, maaf yang banyak sebanyak jasa-jasa kamu buat aku. Maaf banget karena aku udah cuek dan ngga perhatian sama kamu, sampai-sampai aku ngga sadar kalo kamu udah pergi tinggalin aku.
Teruuuus, aku mau bilang terima kasih, terima kasih banyak sebanyak coretan-coretan yang udah kamu goreskan di hari-hariku.
Terima kasih udah mengajarkan aku arti tekun dan makna sabar.
Terima kasih udah rela menghabiskan waktu dan menemaniku di momen-momen penting hidupku.
Terima kasih karena kamu udah seriiing banget berkorban, kamu rela kotor demi aku, kamu begadang nemenin aku, kamu setiaaaaaaaaaa banget sama aku.
Terima kasih ya, terima kasih atas dua tahun kebersamaan kita, ternyata aku sadar kalo aku sayang kamu setelah kamu pergi tinggalin aku.
Kamu tahu ngga? Aku nangis lho waktu kamu pergi, aku sedih begitu sadar kalo ngga bakal ada kamu lagi. Kata teman-temanku aku berlebihan dan melankolis, tapi aku ngga peduli deh, yang aku tahu, aku sedih dan aku kehilangan kamu. Dan dari butir-butir air mata yang keluar dari mata aku yang minus ini, aku baru sadar kalo kamu itu banyak jasanya, kamu itu penting, dan ternyata aku sayang sama kamu.
Kamu mau aku kasih tahu sesuatu ngga? Tapi janji jangan marah ya...
Aku udah punya pengganti kamu, dia mirip banget deh sama kamu. Sekarang dia yang temenin aku begadang dan ngerjain tugas-tugasku. Dia juga yang bikin aku selalu ingat sama kamu.
Aku tahu kok kamu ngga bakal marah, iya kan, iya kan?
Dia baik kok, sama seperti kamu. Tapi posisi kamu tetap sama, ngga akan ada yang bisa jadi substitusinya. Kamu ya kamu, walau ada seribu kamu yang lain, ngga akan bisa sama. Kamu yang temenin aku dan bareng-bareng aku bertahun-tahun, bukan yang lain.
Oh iya, kamu dapat salam dari tangan kanan aku, katanya dia rindu menggenggammu.
Dimana pun kamu, baik-baik ya disitu, semoga kita masih bisa ketemu lagi yaaa...
Aku sayang kamu, pensil mekanik-ku ♥♥♥

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Ini Sapa Buat Kamu

Hai kamu. Lagi apa?
Bersama dengan turunnya butir-butir air langit siang ini, aku mencoba untuk menyuratimu. Iya, ini surat untukmu, surat yang ditulis dengan cinta yang dimaksimalkan. Walau aku sama sekali tak pandai dalam membuat surat cinta.
Sepertinya kamu belum menjawab pertanyaanku, jadi boleh ya aku bertanya sekali lagi, kamu lagi apa?
Jawab saja, jawab keras-keras sampai angin membawa gelombang suaramu hinggap di telingaku. Dengan begitu aku sudah merasa puas.
Bingung ya? Iya, kerutan di keningmu bisa menggambarkan kebingunganmu kok. “Kenapa aku mengirim surat ini untukmu?” itu kan pertanyaan yang sedari tadi berputar-putar cepat di otakmu?
Baiklah, aku juga tidak punya alasan khusus sebagai jawabannya. Aku hanya melakukan yang aku suka. Dan aku suka menyuratimu, seperti sekarang.
Terima kasih masih memfokuskan matamu pada rangkaian kata yang aku susun. Sebenarnya, aku hanya ingin meminta maaf. Maaf karna mungkin aku terlalu gede rasa dan maaf karna aku menyimpan rasaku ini hanya untuk diriku sendiri, dan terlalu egois untuk memberitahukannya kepadamu.
Kamu tahu kenapa?
Karena aku terlalu takut. Karena kita berteman. Karena aku terlalu takut akan berubahnya keadaan. Kata orang, kejujuran itu kadang menyakitkan, bukan? Aku takut keadaan berbalik seratus delapan puluh derajat saat kamu tahu bahwa aku, temanmu, menyukaimu.
Kenapa bisa aku menyukaimu?
Ya, itu juga pertanyaan yang sering datang dan pergi menyambangi otakku yang tidak terlalu pintar ini. Mungkin jawabannya akan klise, tapi ya begitulah adanya, jangan tertawakan aku ya. Aku suka kamu karena kamu baik. Aku selalu suka saat kamu menolongku, saat kita menghabiskan waktu bersama, bahkan aku suka melihat matamu yang teduh itu, saat itulah aku akan sangat gede rasa.
Aku tahu kamu memang baik, dan seharusnya karena aku tahu kamu baik, aku tidak perlu punya rasa ini ya. Karena kamu memang begitu, kamu baik kepada semua orang, semua teman-temanmu. Mungkin aku yang salah mengartikan kebaikanmu.
Lantas kenapa aku harus merasa spesial? Itu yang belum bisa aku jawab sampai sekarang.
Bukankah cinta datang tiba-tiba? Yah, anggap saja itu jawabannya. Aku juga tidak tahu kenapa aku masih merasa spesial –padahal mungkin kamu menganggapku sama saja dengan teman-temanmu yang lain– dan masih menyukai dirimu.
Tapi tolong, hargai perasaanku dan kejujuranku ya. Aku tidak akan mengganggu hidupmu kok. Aku juga tidak berharap kisah kita berakhir bahagia seperti dongeng-dongeng pengantar tidur. Aku hanya mencoba untuk menghilangkan rasa egoisku dan membiarkan kamu tahu akan apa yang aku rasa, dan aku bingung bagaimana caranya, mungkin itu alasan lain aku menyuratimu, selain karena aku memang senang menyuratimu.
Masih bersama butir-butir air langit yang jatuh diatap dan menimbulkan bunyi yang menenangkan hati, kusudahi surat ini untukmu.
Aku harap statusku tidak berubah, semoga kita masih berteman.

Second Letter

---Surat kedua, bukan pertama kalinya muncul di halaman maya pribadi saya, tapi belum pernah muncul di blog ini kok. Setelah surat ini, I promise you that I will give a-fresh-from-the-oven-letter, hehe :) Just enjoy!---

Nineteen years ago, he might have never been imagined how he could be a light in someone’s life.
He may found love and happiness, miracle and obstacle, and sometimes sadness and sorrow through out his life. But God, don’t make that people turns away from You, just keep him on Your way. Let him realize that everything he has in his life has been done and placed perfectly by You. Let him know that he will always have a family to hold and friends to share. And let him realize that he always has You by his side to share with, about every single thing happens in his life story.
And thanks for everything you have given to me. Every laugh and every single tear. I’ll never forget all memories we create together. Maybe those mean nothing for you, but mean something for me. God knows the best for you, and for me too. Maybe there are still many things left unsaid between us, but there are nothings to regret because this is already the best. Maybe I have ever mad at you, think that you are a liar who broke my heart, hit it so hard, and kick it again and again and then left it bleed on floor. But then I realize, maybe I do not know and will never know which one is the truth, and which part is a lie. The only think I can do is, just take a look from  the positive side. And when I go to that side and try to see, I realize that you have given something to me, and maybe I have to say thank you. You have given a very very incredible life-lesson that I can take so many things from that.
My apology if I have ever hurt you, and I have forgiven you if you have ever hurt me too. Everyone needs to learn from they mistakes, and if I am part of your mistake, fine then. In fact, everyone have ever done a mistake in their life, and mistake brings us to be someone stronger and mature, rite?
Menyenangkan bisa menjadi bagian dari pelajaran hidup seseorang.
Have a happy life. I wish a better life journey for you. All the good traits will stay forever, and another bad will go and never come back. Amen.