Sunday, 16 January 2011

Second Letter

---Surat kedua, bukan pertama kalinya muncul di halaman maya pribadi saya, tapi belum pernah muncul di blog ini kok. Setelah surat ini, I promise you that I will give a-fresh-from-the-oven-letter, hehe :) Just enjoy!---

Nineteen years ago, he might have never been imagined how he could be a light in someone’s life.
He may found love and happiness, miracle and obstacle, and sometimes sadness and sorrow through out his life. But God, don’t make that people turns away from You, just keep him on Your way. Let him realize that everything he has in his life has been done and placed perfectly by You. Let him know that he will always have a family to hold and friends to share. And let him realize that he always has You by his side to share with, about every single thing happens in his life story.
And thanks for everything you have given to me. Every laugh and every single tear. I’ll never forget all memories we create together. Maybe those mean nothing for you, but mean something for me. God knows the best for you, and for me too. Maybe there are still many things left unsaid between us, but there are nothings to regret because this is already the best. Maybe I have ever mad at you, think that you are a liar who broke my heart, hit it so hard, and kick it again and again and then left it bleed on floor. But then I realize, maybe I do not know and will never know which one is the truth, and which part is a lie. The only think I can do is, just take a look from  the positive side. And when I go to that side and try to see, I realize that you have given something to me, and maybe I have to say thank you. You have given a very very incredible life-lesson that I can take so many things from that.
My apology if I have ever hurt you, and I have forgiven you if you have ever hurt me too. Everyone needs to learn from they mistakes, and if I am part of your mistake, fine then. In fact, everyone have ever done a mistake in their life, and mistake brings us to be someone stronger and mature, rite?
Menyenangkan bisa menjadi bagian dari pelajaran hidup seseorang.
Have a happy life. I wish a better life journey for you. All the good traits will stay forever, and another bad will go and never come back. Amen.

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