Friday, 31 August 2012


Buka Puasa bareng @MGMT09 
Makan-Makan bareng Keluarga

@ Bakso Sony with highschool friends

Thanks, August.

Before I start writing about my August, let me say Happy 67th Independence Day Indonesia & Eid Mubarak! Still, better late than never, right? Hehe.

My life this August is full of new experience. August permits me to taste different flavor of life, it allows me to play a new role. No longer college student, but transformed as a full-time-worker who goes to office from Monday to Friday, sits and talks with monitor from 8 to 4, all with different suit, worker style. August also teach me new understanding and new way of thinking. Being an intern, you know, is not that easy (nor that hard too, anyway. Being CEO is still harder, tho hahaha). But yea, it's tricky, I mean, you have to know your position, where sometimes people look down on you or ask you to do things that usually done by office boys; when some parts of you refuse but some others realize that you still have to do that. It gives me new understanding about "you do really have to climb before reach the top". Maybe, I'll tell you more about my internship experience on the next post. Then, Ramadhan is also happened on August this year, and finally I was able to meet my family and celebrated Eid Al-Fitr together, also met some of my old friends and my high school teachers. So refreshing. You know sometimes you get motivated by listening others story and sharing yours.

And yes I am ready for another adventures on the next and next and next months. Still have many things to be done, and many dreams to be realized. Never-give-up, Ciao!