Friday, 14 December 2012

No Calls

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It was a so-so evening when my phone rang, a call from unknown number. I was in my room, browsing random stuffs on my notebook. I picked it up. I heard a lady voice ensuring that she called a right number. Then, I had a quite quick chit-chat with her before she hung up. Actually, I could say that it  was a happy call (not that famous happy call pan, of course). She told me that there’s a manager in her company want to do a phone interview with me.

So, yes, I was very-wery-berry happy at that time. She told me the date and the exact time when the manager would call. I memorized it and waited for that day to come. Excitement.


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Hanging Out with Old Friend

Meet my high school friend, Nanda, last Monday and we spent our time all day in Grand Indonesia (yes,  expensive, I know). Actually, I don't really like Grand Indonesia that much (except it's interior design) because I don't feel like I am part of their market segment. I usually go here just for watching movie at Blitz or eating with friends. Shopping? Not interested. Because I am not a branded type and it just doesn't feel right if I spent my parents' money for buying something that sooo expensive, hehe. But may be I would love to go shopping here when I become financially independent :)

I went to Yoshinoya, Marché, Gramedia, and Blitz at that day. All of them are not a new thing for me except Marché. Yes, I haven't been there before. So, let me share my first exploration here.

19th Birthday's Wishes

I'm turning 19  on 27th November. Thank you & amin ya rabbal 'alamin for all the birhday wishes! And  thank you too for the presents :) By the way, people tend to make life resolutions when they're having their birthday, no? I don't usually do that, but if I have to make a resolutions before I turn 20, it would be:
  1. Being more organized and less spontanious. (Because you know, sometimes I hate myself to the fullest when I become an expert-procrastinator).
  2. Graduate, get my bachelor degree, and make my parents cry (...because of happiness).
  3. Financially independent. Aaamiiin....
  4. Going abroad. Wherever outside Indonesia, because I don't care about the destination, I just want to go abroad.
  5. Growing mature and loves Allah more and more and more.