Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Hanging Out with Old Friend

Meet my high school friend, Nanda, last Monday and we spent our time all day in Grand Indonesia (yes,  expensive, I know). Actually, I don't really like Grand Indonesia that much (except it's interior design) because I don't feel like I am part of their market segment. I usually go here just for watching movie at Blitz or eating with friends. Shopping? Not interested. Because I am not a branded type and it just doesn't feel right if I spent my parents' money for buying something that sooo expensive, hehe. But may be I would love to go shopping here when I become financially independent :)

I went to Yoshinoya, Marché, Gramedia, and Blitz at that day. All of them are not a new thing for me except Marché. Yes, I haven't been there before. So, let me share my first exploration here.
So, this is a Swiss-Italian Restaurant and have plenty of branchs spreaded all over the world. So, when you enter this Restaurant, the waitress will give each of you a guest card, which will record all of your purchases, and when you finish eating, the cashier will scan the card and, there you go pay.

In case you are wondering (or even when you are not), I will tell you what we ordered on that day :) Nanda ordered Mushroom Soup, Baked Potato, and  Ice Cream while I ordered Rosti with Bacon & Egg plus mineral water (yes I love mineral water so much, hehe). You can see the picture of the soup and baked potato below, but I did not take the picture of Rosti.

For the price, relative, if you ask me, yup I think it's a bit too expensive, but quite worth it. My marketing lecturer said, when you eat in expensive restaurant, they are not only sell and charge you for the food and services, but also the ambience. So, there you know that have to pay for it too.

all photo source: Nanda

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