Tuesday, 4 December 2012

19th Birthday's Wishes

I'm turning 19  on 27th November. Thank you & amin ya rabbal 'alamin for all the birhday wishes! And  thank you too for the presents :) By the way, people tend to make life resolutions when they're having their birthday, no? I don't usually do that, but if I have to make a resolutions before I turn 20, it would be:
  1. Being more organized and less spontanious. (Because you know, sometimes I hate myself to the fullest when I become an expert-procrastinator).
  2. Graduate, get my bachelor degree, and make my parents cry (...because of happiness).
  3. Financially independent. Aaamiiin....
  4. Going abroad. Wherever outside Indonesia, because I don't care about the destination, I just want to go abroad.
  5. Growing mature and loves Allah more and more and more.

1 comment:

n.i.z.a.r said...

itu gak keliatan nis ucapan ulang tahunnya. diperbesar dooong aturan, ciyeee ada ucapan ultah dari guee :") haha