Friday, 25 November 2011

me love you more than everything

Dear mom,

Just wanna say write that I miss you, much. I have just watched a very-heart-touching movie, and it all ends up with so much tears and so many thoughts about me and you, and what we have done together, what we cannot do together now, and what I am going to do—still—together with you.

Thank you for loving me, even since I haven’t born. Thank you for not only being my super mom, but also my super amazing friend who understands me best and willing to listen all my stories even when you are tired. Thank you for all the things you have been giving to me, especially your 24/7 love. Thank you for your prayers, thank you for everything.

Sorry for not being able to be on your side anymore. Sorry for making you upset. Sorry for those unacomplished expectations. Sorry for not telling you about everything happened to me in any single day I pass, that we used to do :) And still a bunch of sorry for my uncountable mistakes to you.

The day after tomorrow is my birthday, and I wouldn’t spend it with you. I wouldn’t have that very first wake-up-birthday-greeting from you, like I always had when you enter my room in the morning to open my window. But, then, it’s not a problem at the end. You always tell me that life is hard, and we have to be able to survive. You also tell me that no need to cry, because we always have God by our side. You told me many things, uh? :))

Wherever I am and wherever you are, we will still send a prayer to each other everyday, rite? There is no need to be sad because this is only the beginning. You said, maybe someday I will go further to reach my dream—a dream that I always tell to you—and it means not seeing each other for the long time. Even for not seeing each other forever when one of us has to come back home. And we have to be ready. :)

Whatever it is, I am super duper glad to be your child. And no matter what, I love you forever, mother.

With so much love (and tears) :p
Your only daughter.