Sunday, 29 April 2012

Try to Deal

Experience is a hard teacher because it gives the test first and the lesson afterward — Vernon Law

Hi all, here I come back blogging about another random thought that have just pooped on my head. This time is about dealing.

So, just for your unimportant-common-knowledge, I lost my phone 3 weeks ago when I was hanging out with some great friends, we were so happy, laughed out loud, and I feel that it was one of amazing days of mine, until it turned out become a ‘blank moment’ when I realized that my phone was not there in my bag. I tried my best to make it come to me back, but maybe God have the different plan, so yea, now I am officially lose it.

But what I want to tell is not about my sadness of losing that phone or how mad I am with the one who took it out from me, what I want to tell is that what happened to me makes me realize thing that maybe I have ever realized before but forget it right away, that is dealing. Life is about dealing, dealing with the situations, dealing with others, dealing with your friends, dealing with imperfections, anything. Dealing for the fact that we’ll never know what future’s gonna give us. Maybe sometimes we feel uneasy, or think that life is unfair, but as long as you believe that God is the best scenario maker, you’ll believe that life is gonna be always fair, it is, by its own way. If your life was a film, then God is able to give you  twists, not only at ending, but at any part of your life that you will never expect. And every twist will leave you with a new life lesson.

As many people say, when life gives you lemons, just try to make a lemon tea, that way you will still able to enjoy your life. If you don’t like lemon tea, maybe you could try to  sell it and start to become a lemonade tycoon. There are may ways to enjoy life even at the what-you-think-the-worst-time-of-your-life, rite? So, I want to believe that when something (that I think) bad happen, something good is waiting for me afterward.

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