Monday, 31 January 2011

Saturday Night at d'ocean Seafood Resto

My college friends and I went to d’ocean restaurant to have a dinner this Saturday night. Actually, we were all being treated by 4 of my friends because they have just had their birthday.

Quoted from d’ocean website, here is the explanation:

“d’ocean is a family restaurant with specially assorted seafood dishes such as prawns, squid, crab, fish and clams. Combination of local spices with a unique cooking technique prepared by professional and experienced chefs, creating dishes with appealing presentations and authentic traditional taste. The essence of the dishes are found in its freshness and premium ingredients originated ranging from Sabang to Merauke, combined with an excellent mixture of spices. Explore the unforgettable dining experience at d’ocean premium seafood restaurant with the comfortable and cozy atmosphere.”

In my own opinion, interior of D'Ocean is quite modern, this restaurant has two floors with a capacity of 150 people, more or less. And yeah, this is a cozy and comfy place with delicious-prizy foods. But I think the prize is quite worth with what we get and what they serve.

Wanna see how that place interior looks like, here it is. I googled it because I didn’t take any picture on that night. 

 Source: here

How about the menu? Actually I have lil bit forget what we ordered on that night. But I still remember some. Here is the easiest menu to be memorized, Tahu Telur Merapi! I remember this one because of its unique name and appearance. It was made of tofu covered by eggs.

 Source: here

Next, another menu that I can still remember is this one, Udang Galah Bakar Saus Madu (Grilled Prawns with Honey Sauce). Here's the picture. 

 Source: here

As far as I remember, we also ordered Hot Plate Kangkung Lombok Balacan (Lombok Swam Cabbage Balacan on Hot Plate) and some more that I cannot remember any longer. -_-

Last, this is the address of this seafood resto, try it sometimes, blopples!

Komplek Tendean Square 1-1A

Kapten Tendean Wolter Mongisidi 122-124
Jakarta Indonesia

Phone: 021 7278 9777

*updated* The restaurant have moved somewhere else when I last pass Tendean Street. :|


Annisa Sudibyo

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