Saturday, 22 January 2011

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Happy saturday all. How's your day?
Mine? Not too good, so far. You know, just flat and filled by doing nothing.
You know what's my most visited place today? The answer is, bath room. I don't go anywhere else but bath room. All I do is just stay aaaaaaaaall daaay in my bed room. Almost doing nothing.

Yes I know this is bad, bad habit. You shouldn't follow, for sure.
I plan to start studying (again) this night, so somehow I just wanna spend all my free-time and just take a hibernation from that heavy books and formulas.

I still in my final exam, btw. This is my 3rd semester, so this is my 3rd final exam since I entered university. Four subjects more for next week to go finishing this exam.
And I have allready had so many to-do-lists after my exam done.

First, I'm gonna make a film project with my friends, to participate in my campus' event.

Then, I'm gonna make a paper about Corporate Governance with my Integrity Team (Nessy Diana and Hesti Aulia), to participate in ICMSS (Indonesian Capital Market Student Studies) which is held by Management Departement Faculty of Economy University of Indonesia.

Then, I'm gonna make some (what it called?) umm.. such a handycraft to be competed in my campus' event too. Maybe I will post my do-it-myself handycraft in the next post, if I have a time.

Next lists are such happy-to-do-lists, haha. Yeah, I've promised my friend to accompany her go shopping in Pasar Senen (Senen Market), searching for a new lenses for her -or maybe our- glasses. Then, I also wanna go to Pasar Asemka (Asemka Market) searching for my handycraft’s materials.

And last, I and my aunty are going to hunt some good materials for our kebaya (kebaya is a common traditional dress for us, Indonesian). My uncle are going to get married this April, so we have to make a kebaya to be worn on that event. Maybe I will post the photo next time :)

So, enjoy your day people, and so do I, I'm trying to.
p.s: please pray for my exam, hope the marks will go well :)

Warm Regards

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