Sunday, 23 January 2011

No Chinese-Japanese-Russian, Please!

For: My Lovely English Lecturer
From: Your (Lovely) Student

Hi ma'am, I hope you won't be surprised with this letter. No, this is not the second part of my essay that I've done in final exam last Thursday, absolutely not.
Umm... and I don't make this letter in order to get a good mark from you, no, no at all, because I know that I'm not really good at writing and I bet I'll get a bad score if I ask you to do so.

Sooo... Hi again ma'am! :)
You know that I don't know your address, not even your email address, and I also forget whether we are friends or not in Facebook, so I just decide to write you a letter, this one, sentences that you are reading now.
Umm, I just want to say thank you ma'am, a special one, special thanks to you. Actually, I say thanks to almost all people I've met, even for someone unknown who just step on my shoe (just kidding, hehe). But, I only give my special thanks to special people. And you are one of my-special-list! Are you happy to read that, ma'am? Yes? No? Hmm... okay, tell it to me latter.
Why do I have to send my special thanks for you not for others? Is there anybody who forces me to do so?
Okay, of course not, there is nobody, nobody but myself. I decide to write things down (include my special-thank-you) because I realized that we won’t meet each other anymore, at least not as often as we used to do. I realized that you are one of my favorite, you have given many incredible lessons for me, and I also realized that I haven’t said thank to you yet.

Okay, start!
Thank you for being my English Lecture for a year, more or less.
Thank you for teaching us how to write a good sentence and a well-arranged paragraph and essay.
Thank you for teaching us about grammar and tenses, we actually hate them, but you make it seems easier and fun!
Thank you for making such an unique rules in class, no-Chinese-Japanese-Russian language rules. No hurt feeling to that countries and their languages, you just want us to speak ONLY English while we are on your class. It works ma’am :)
Thank you for letting us do a presentation (in English language, indeed) in front of you and friends. That is a good experience.
Thank you for teaching us how to spell and pronounce words, and for giving us new vocabularies.
Thank you for increasing our listening ability too.
Thanks that you have shared your experiences to us, your long-long-life-journey. That’s motivating me a lot :)
Thanks for your advices in the end of the term, before we have to say good bye. It’s a heart-touched one.
Thank you for making me cry, because of your advices. Somehow, I feel sad and I was moved to listen your good-bye greeting.

Also, I want to send you some sorry.
Sorry if I’ve ever done a chit-chat during the class.
Sorry if I didn’t do what you ask me to do, such as assignment or homework.
Sorry if I’ve ever come late to your class.
Sorry and sorry, bunch of sorry for everything that shouldn’t be done.

Okay, I’m not gonna make a novel, so, this is the end part of this story.
I adore you, I pray for your happiness and health.

See you next time, whenever it is, wherever it takes place.
Warm regards,

Annisa Sudibyo


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