Monday, 31 January 2011

Friday Night at d'cost Plaza Semanggi

Hi, blopples!
Last Friday Night (January, 28th 2011), I and eleven of my friends were having a regular social gathering, or usually called 'arisan' in this country. Girls time! For this month, we choose d'cost seafood Plaza Semanggi as the venue. Um... Maybe before I going too far, I will explain you a little about what 'arisan' is, for those of you who don't know yet.

Quoted from wikipedia, here is the description about arisan itself:
"Arisan is an Indonesian social gathering in which a group of friends and relatives meet monthly for a private lottery. Each member of the group deposits a fixed amount of money into a pot, then a name is drawn and that winner takes home the cash. After having won, the winner's name is removed from the pot until each member has won and then the cycle is complete. This is called a fixed lottery because it is fair to all participants in that each member wins an equal amount over the course of a complete cycle."
For me, arisan is not about the money or who will win the cash, it's more about having a quality time with your friends. As usual as always, I love togetherness, and arisan is one that can build a togetherness. So I love Arisaaan!! hahaha.

So, here is the story, the members of this arisan is me, Nana, Uti, Ninda, Tifani, Fara, Clara, Icha, Linda, Rani, Mayang and Dhanti. But sadly, Dhanti couldn't come because she had to meet her father. And, oh yup, we had Fenny too, she is not the member, but she is such a very kind-hearted angel who want to take pictures of us. Here are some of the pictures.

As I have mentioned before, We went to d'cost seafood, it is kind of seafood restaurant
with a quite-affordable price. We were talking, taking photos, and do so many things while waiting for our orders.

Tifani, Fenny, Clara, Fara

me & Tifani

And here they are, we ordered Gurame Asam Manis, Tumis Kangkung Balacan & Sambal Terasi, Gurame Bakar and Cumi Saus Padang (if I'm not mistaken). Um... I googled the photos because I didn't take any photos of foods. But, don't worry, this is similar enough with what we ate. If it's compared with anothers seafood resto, d'cost is quite cheap and affordable, and the service is good enough. You should come here together with your friends or family so that you can share the order, I mean, It's quite impossible to eat one Gurame Asam Manis by yourself, rite? haha.

Tumis Kangkung Balacan & Sambal Terasi (source)

 Cumi Saus Padang (Padang Sauce Squid)  (source)
Gurame Asam Manis (source)

Over all, I love this night, nice gathering, and I feel so full! hahaha. And, oh yup, we got two winners this time, because we'll have a holiday on February, so we cannot meet up each other on that month. So, here they are, Icha & Linda! The winner of January and February. Look at what Linda hold, oh, they must be so happy during the holiday :)

Icha and Linda

Happy Holiday all!
Annisa Sudibyo

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