Saturday, 31 March 2012

Let's Start Drooling!

Hi all, do you love eating?
Me? Of course I do. No doubt, haha.

But then, if I change the question to "do you love cooking?", is the answer still the same? ehehe.
Me? Not really. Even when I'm doing so, I would rather say that I am experimenting, not cooking. Why? First, I'm not a pro, indeed; second, it's simply because whenever I try to make some food, it ends up like trial and error, sometimes it pan out, sometimes not.

But, like Michael Hunter said, "Learning does not happen from failure itself, but rather from analyzing the failure, making a change, and then trying again". So never give up, even a pro chefs have to try a same recipe a thousand times to get the best combination and flavor.

Eventhough I am not a chef and not good at cooking, I do looove visiting cooking blogs and seeing all delicious food pictures on it. And actually, what I want to share to you all here is some cooking sites that I visit most. You should visit too, and start drooling like me, hahaha.

taken from The Pioneer Woman
What I love the most from this sites, besides the delicious food photos, is the step-by-step-process photos of the recipe cooked by the owner of this site. For me, photos can explain more than just text, no?

taken from For The Love of Cooking
More delicious food photos attack! hahaha. This site is also nice, it does not post every-step photos, but ingredients photo in the beginning of every post is clear enough to explain the readers who wanna try the recipes.

taken from No Recipes
What else could you expect? Full of high-resolution-food-photos, this site can make me drooling :9 Maybe photos can motivate you to start cooking something, who knows?

And still many sites to be written here, I also visit this, this, this, and soooo on. I love cooking visiting cooking sites!

Have you start drooling, anyway? :p

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