Friday, 5 November 2010

Hula Balo Hula Balo

Hi world, this is a midnight post! This is already 00.54 here.

This is such an exhausting day with 2 quizzes in 2 different subjects. Those were English for Academic Programme II (EAP II)'s quiz and Corporate Finance's quiz. Can you guest the result? so bad! I only got 67.5 for Corporate Finance's quiz. Unsatisfying actually, but, whatever, I've done my best.

And the temptation is not stop yet, blopple. I still had such a group work for Business Research. We did it until 09.30 p.m. So and so tired.

But you know that God is fair? Although that was a boring day with full task, I still met some happiness :D
I met my cousin and it's amusing :) He did wall climbing in front of my campus, so that we could meet each other.

Another happy thing is this one, check it out!

This is my new mug! Keepsake for all committees of Ospek Outbound Universitas Bakrie 2010. Nice mug, rite?
Guess what blopple, one thing that made me surprised is that every mug has a different name!
So, I get a mug with my name on it -and also my position when I was on duty, nyu-huuuu :D  And ... This is it, the evidence!

Udib is my nickname, given by one of my college friend, and now, almost all my friends call me with that nickname. Unique one and rare nickname, he he ... I simply like that nick name, although sometimes I ever get bored with that nick. But then I realize, It's a so goooood nickname that has been given to me, as a evidence that they do care about me :)

Love y'all my friends

asinna oybidus.

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