Thursday, 20 October 2011

Friends in Need, Friends Indeed

Finally, after a long long long and super long time... I'm back. Actually, during this past four months, there are so many events that could be written here, but I just couldn't. My laptop must be reinstalled, and I'm too lazy to do blogging through another laptops or campus' computers. But, then, I've got my laptop back now, so I can write again. :)

But I'm not feeling well right now, guys. Low Trombosit and it could be a dengue fever symptom, said the doctor in hospital today. And maybe tomorrow I have to go back home because my parent is extremely panic (Actually, my condition ain't that bad, really). But it'sOK to worry mom, it means you love me, right? Hehehe.

But, above all the sickness and all things I'm facing, I do really really want to send a super big bunch of thanks for all my friends-in-need, who have helped me a lot  this week. When your family worry about you and help you when you down, yes they have to because they are your family. But when your friends, whole-heartedly, bear their hands and help you out, then you have to thank God for having them in your life. And yes, thank God, I still have so many kind-hearted friends who want to help me and pray for me.

Get Well Soon, Dear Self!

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