Tuesday, 8 April 2014


I’m kinda tired of people questions about my life lately. People really should learn how to ask more appropriate question and stop bothering others business. Cynical questions like “Graduate already? Ah, just staying at home now?” or “Ah, so you haven’t got job? Just be patient, you will get it soon”. (OK, actually the second questions would be such a sweet and caring question IF it’s said by people who really care about us, here I’m talking about 180 degree different person, they just pretend as if they care while they actually don’t). C’mon dude, working in a big company isn’t the only way to earn money, and hey it’s rude.

I am cool as a cucumber and I love living my life like this at the moment, so why bother? Of course sometimes I worry about my future, but hey, who don’t? What we see ain’t what it really seems. You cannot say that others are just lying in bed and doing nothing for their life, just because they aren’t going to the office from Monday to Friday (or even Saturday, uh oh) like you do. It’s unacceptable to look others down and think they are suffering in life, just because they don’t wear office attire and hang out at pricey café like you do. Some of them may even earn more money than you do, but oops, that’s not my point. What I’m trying to say is that we have to stop measuring people’s success by money, because money is not the only measure of success in life. There are things that matters more than money. For instance, happiness and satisfaction. So, instead of asking “where do you work now? Does it pay you well?” and blah blah blah, you can try to ask more reasonable questions such as “Are you happy?” “Do you love your job?” “Do you enjoy what you are doing?”

And oh, do you know? We actually don’t need to measure anyone’s success before we measure ours, so try to reflect and ask those questions to yourself first before wondering about somebody’s life. AM I happy? DO I enjoy my job? DO I enjoy what I am doing?

We never even lick others' Popsicle of journey, so we barely know how it taste. Since everyone has their own Popsicle, you better enjoy yours and stop bothering. Ciao.

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Anonymous said...

I love this post nisaa :D

especially this I am cool as a cucumber and I love living my life like this at the moment, so why bother?

Semoga di kerjaan dapat tempat duduk dengan fengshui bagus dan jadi ketua geng makan siang yah mbak ichua {}