Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday Shopping


Went shopping to Tanah Abang with my Aunty today. One of my monthly routine activity, I could say. But don't judge! We don't (only) purchase goods for ourselves, but we purchase goods in order to sell it again. My aunty usually re-sells all the goods she bought here to her friends at her office in Lampung. Me? No I don't re-sell, I just accompany my aunty and be a helpful niece, and usually I would get freebies afterwards, haha. Hard work never betrays, right? :p

Today, I saw a cleaner-and-more-well-organized Tanah Abang. No more street vendors as it has been cleared up and relocated to Blok G. I could barely see the result, the street was waaaay more neat--no more street vendors occupy the road, many Satpol PP guard the area, and the most important thing is: no traffic congestion!! Kudos Pak Jokowi and teams, I like your great great job soooo much *two thumbs up*. 

Shopping here usually makes my feet stiff, but however I like it cause I can see beautiful clothes, force me to do some work-out (you know that Tanah Abang consists of so many block and floors, right?) and I can update my knowledge of fashion trends as well. You know that fashion trend changes so fast, no? There were Manohara blouse and Syahrini Kaftan era, but today it becomes Ayu Ting Ting praying dress era, hahaha. Btw, today I saw several people brought their suitcase along while shopping. Yes, yes, that same suitcase we use to bring our clothes while going on holiday. Exactly. I had no idea why they do that, but then, after looking at those ultra heavy plastic bags... I think that's not a bad idea after all.


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