Saturday, 16 July 2011

Eleven Incredible Days in My Life (Indonesia International Week 2011)

Well... First of all, greetings from me! :)

I have finished my Indonesia International Week 2011 and I have so much things to tell and write here. I started that incredible week on July 2nd (Jakarta) and must have it ended on July 13th (Bali).

July 2nd
On this day, we had an Opening Ceremony in the evening (5 - half 9 p.m.), it took place at Bakrie University (my university! red.). Participants from foreign countries did a presentation about the original country they come from, while the local participants presented about the province we live in.
Well, not all the participants did a country/province presentations because there were some of us who hadn't come to Jakarta; for instance, 2 of 3 participants from Spain and participant from Bandung.

July 3rd
Actually, this is a free day. We had no schedule on this day, but some of the participant went to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, while some others played futsal together with the committee, and while some others didn't do anything but laying on the bed like what I did. Hahaha.

July 4th
We had a discussion with DPR RI (Indonesia Representative) in the House of Representative from 11 am - 1 pm. Then, we toured around the House of Representative, entered the Museum and the Assembly Room, and took some photos together.

After finished the discussion, we had a free time until dinner before started the next activity, that's Cross Cultural Night. I went to find some Indonesia's food and cake, together with some of local participant and one committee.

At 7 p.m., the Cross Cultural Night started! Every participant brought the original food and drink from their country. I tasted many foods and drinks that I've never had before. It was fun. And, oh ya! The Spanish people also taught the others how to dance Spanish dance, such as a-famous-Makarena and Aserehe.

July 5th
On this day, we had a Travel Blogging Workshop with at MNC Tower (10 a.m - 12 p.m), then free time until dinner, for the preparation to go to Jogjakarta, and then we went to Jogjakarta from Gambir Station by train (Taksaka 2) at 8.30 p.m., and we did chit chat a lot during the 8-hours-trip.

July 6th
Arrived in Jogjakarta! In the morning, we checked in at  Wisma KAGAMA (a youth hostel owned by Universitas Gadjah Mada), then sleeping till afternoon, because we had a  2 hours discussion at Universitas Gadjah Mada at 2 p.m. We were talking about the Jogja's culture and what this special region has.

After the discussion, then time to shopping! We went to Malioboro Street, the famous street in Jogjakarta where there are many sellers sell various things start from clothes, batik, ethnic bracelets and necklaces, hats, bags, and many more. And you have to bargain when you want to buy something here. :)
Nice memories, by the way!

Then, we went to Angkringan for dinner! Yummyy :9

July 7th
This day, we went to Borobudur Temple and Batik SOGAN to see how batik is made. We also had a Bakiak Competition on this day when we're in SOGAN, and then we went to Malioboro (again) on the night.

July 8th
Jogjakarta Palace (Keraton Jogjakarta) and Tamansari Water Castle for this day! Having lunch at Ndalem Ngabean, then Airport! We had a flight to Denpasar at 9.30 p.m, buuuuut.... the flight was delayed for 2 hours. We arrived at Mangga Bali Hotel in midnite.

July 9th
Baliiii....! On this day, we went to Monkey Forest at 12 p.m, and then visited BAP (Bali Agro Plantation) to see how Luwak Coffee (Kopi Luwak) is made and also saw the coffee plantation and rice terrace.
Then, the next schedule was chasing the sunset in Tanah Lot. Happiness & Togetherness.

July 10th
 Sunday is a free day! Some foreign participants went to Tanjung Benoa to try some water sports, while some others decided to go sunbathing at Kuta Beach.
Me? I went to Kuta Beach as well, together with all the local participants, and it was a super-duper-wuper-lovely Sunday for me :)

July 11th

Visited Antonio Blanco Museum (Antonio Blanco was a Spanish painter who lived in Bali), then had lunch in Kintamani, all-you-can-eat-restaurant, uyeeeah! hahaha :))
After that, next destination is Puseh Temple (Pura Puseh), took some pictures and then back to hotel.

July 12th
This day's schedule: Dreamland Beach, Uluwatu, and Jimbaran. First, we went to Dreamland beach for two hours, foreign participants surfed, sunbathed, and so on and so on, while almost all the local participants only sit and watched the beach. The weather was so hoooot that day, indeed.

Had finished with the beach, then we went to Uluwatu to watch Kecak Dance (Bali Traditional Dance). And the dance was totally awesome! Love it so much, you have to see it as well, sometime someday.


After the dance, we had a Farewell dinner in the seafood restaurant at Jimbaran. I hate farewell, but I love the restaurant's view, because it's located on the seaside. Romantic place for couple guests, trust me.
Laughing, chatting, capturing photos, smoking, eating, blah blah blah, then we finished our dinner. After that, we have sharing session on the seaside,  on the beach sand, we gave nick name for each others, revealed our feeling about this event, and ended up with a super-big-bear-hug! :")


July 13th
Time to end all the journey we've made and back to the 'real world'. Maybe this day is the day I hate the most among 365 days this year has. I never like good bye, although it starts with 'good', nor happy ending although it starts with 'happy', because no matter how happy it is, it is still the end -_-
Some of the foreign participants didn't go back to Jakarta because they wanted to extend their holiday in Bali. So, we had our last-together-flight to Jakarta without Othman & Ali (From Belgium) and Ingrid and Oscar (Spanish people).

Over all, I love all those eleven days. I love all the new friends, new connections, new relationships, new places, new knowledge, and new experiences.
Although it was 'only' eleven days from thousands days I have passed, those were the most amazing and memorable days in my life. Thanks for all the new friends, all the committees, all part that have made this program becomes success.

I'll miss you, all participants. :)

Annisa Sudibyo

Photo: Me, Melia Halim, Bona Pasaribu, istimewa


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