Wednesday, 29 February 2012

29 February

Hi guys, just wanna say, happy 29th-day-of-February :)

Nothing special on this day actually, it just makes me remember about something. Maybe we are one of them who have ever grumbled that 24 hours per day is not enough, maybe we are one of them who have ever said we need more time to finish our works, maybe we are one of them who often say "so little time, so many things to do".

SO, maybe, today is the 1-day-bonus given by God to answer all of our complains.

Then, maybe it's us who have to re-think; is it really a matter of time? Or maybe it is us who always procrastinate and make 24 hours seems never enough? You know your own answer :)

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Shaima said...

beautiful said! and so true