Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Family Running!

As I have told in previous post, I spent my holiday together with my HMM family on Thursday till Friday, January 26-27, at Cisarua, Puncak. "Family Running" was the theme for this holiday, because we were going to play some games and it's inspired by "Running Man", one of amusing reality show in Korean TV. I was one of committees for this holiday, and there was so much FUN! These are some pieces of it, enjoy! *since it's gonna be a looong post* :-)

Thursday, Jan 26
Arround 8 am, we gathered at Soemantri Brodjonegoro Stadion. Everybody was ready to go, buuut... it wasn't time to go yet! We played go-to-traditional-market game before we go. What kind of game it was? Okay, It was a group game, each group consisted of 6 people and they had to finish a mission. The mission was buying all ingredients to make some foods for lunch, with limited amount of money. First group was given 50 thousand rupiahs, second group 45 thousand rupiahs, and 40 thousand rupiahs for third group.

After all groups had finished the game, Iand 3 of my friendshad to go formerly to prepare and bring all the logistic stuffs when the other still played draw-and-guess game. They also played SMS game when they were on the way of reaching our Villa.

Arrived at Villa, we (the committees) divided our friends (again) into 3 groups, different ones from previous groups. Then, we took a rest for some time before started the next game, cooking-for-lunch game. Cooking all ingredients we had bought in the first game. After the cooking time, of course it's gonna be an eating time, hahaha. Together we cooked, together we ate. Nom nom.

Then, after eating and washing dishes, it's a free time. We prayed, we played, had chit chat and some quality times and after that, we were ready to have our BBQ time! Eat, eat, eat. :-D

Friday, Jan 27

Almost all of us overslept because of staying up (almost) all night. After we had woke up and ate bread for breakfast, we played aku dihatimu game. We wrote our comments to each other in sticky notes, and then stick it on our body. The mission was dancing so that the sticky notes falled down. Mission successed if there's no sticky notes anymore on our body. Next, we cooked fried rice for brunch then ate it together.

Had finished with brunch, we enjoyed our free time again till 1 pm. We played  our final game, Family Running, at 11.15 pm for one hour. You should watch "Running Man" if you want to know about how the game was because we had a very similar game with that show. Besides, it's difficult too explain about the game, really. Hahaha.

Next, some of us went to swimming pool and swam, while others went to their room and started preparing to return back to Jakarta. On our way back to Jakarta, we visited Cimory and bought yoghurt, milk, and some other things.

That's the story of Family Running :) and thank God the ISAFIS inauguration that would be held on January 28-29 was delayed. So, I could take enough rest after finishing this family holiday :-)

all photos source: here *thanks to Shinta's Cam :)

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