Tuesday, 24 January 2012


One post after finishing my Cost Accounting final exam. Never ask about how it was, because I don't know what sentences I should say to describe it. Too complicated, you know.

Anyway, yesterday I got a very happy news when I opened my email. Guess what? Letter of acceptance from ISAFIS. yeay! So, now I am officially an ISAFISian, more specific, Media Relation Staff of Division of Foreign Affair and National Relations. Danke schön, Gott :-)

Right after being accepted as a part of it, I am gonna have my first inauguration with all the members on January 28-29, at Puncak, West Java. The thing is, I also have a spend-holiday-together schedule with my HMM family on January 26-27, and yeah you are right, it takes place at Puncak too. So, my whole days in this weekend will be spent on traveling back and forth between Jakarta - Puncak, I guess. Somehow I am tired just by imagining it, hahaha.

Because I have been jumping from one topic to another in this post, let me continue my randomness by posting these photos, let's call them Memories of Last Year. Here they are!

Tidung Island, September 23rd-25th

My Birthday, November 27th

Hangout with Goethe Fams, Desember 21st
photo source: Andin
photo source: Andin


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