Saturday, 26 January 2013

College Life: Last Day

Management 2009

Bakrie School of Management - Class of 2009
Friday (25/01) was the last day of the last final exam for (most of) BSM 2009 members. We've finished our 7th semester and are soon-to-be fresh graduates. After this, may be we won't meeting each other so often as we have no class schedule anymore for the next semester. Everyone's going to be busy finishing his/her final paper, some of us might be busy working or running own businesses as well, and those are the reasons why we decided to do this photo session after finishing the last subject of our last final exam. Documenting a sweet memories of college life. For the sake of all tears and laughs, joy and sweats, and all of the memories we have shared together, I love you all, my college's mates! See you on the graduation day!

*p.s.: Can you find me on those photos? :p

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