Friday, 11 January 2013

TTD 2013

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Instead of resolution or else, I would like to call all the activities that I should accomplish in this year as "things to do". I'm writing it all here, so that I can review it later when 2013 is going to end, therefore I will be able to see how many things I actually do in 2013, and hopefully this will keep me on track. I think it would be fun, so why not trying? :)

1. Graduate from Universitas Bakrie
As I am now at my senior year at uni, so there is no other options but finishing my final paper and graduating soon. Hopefully, I will have been graduated before July 2013. Can I get an amen?

2. Add some more working experience before graduating
Working experiences are indeed important to support our career path and gain some practical knowledge, right?

3. Do vacation together with my friends
I think this is the last year before being a full-time adult. I mean, I and my friends are graduating soon and retiring as an undergraduate students. So, before we cannot see each other face as often as these days, why not going on vacation and have fun together.

4. Objectify dream project in term of business
I'm a business student and I'm graduating soon, I like doing business and I want to have my own business. 2013 may be a perfect time to start doing a real business. Hopefully I will be able to make it true on this year, together with my partner-in-crime.

5. Have a permanent job after graduating
Being unemployed may be a biggest fear for every fresh-graduate, including myself. But every fresh-graduate has his/her own definition of permanent job. For me, permanent job have a broad meaning, it could be working on some companies as an employees, and it could also mean making your own company and start being an entrepreneur.

6. Be able to drive!
I'm 19 going on 20, yet I can't even drive a car and I think I need that skill. So, I want to learn to drive and may be have a driving license by the end of this year.


That's all my major things to do, besides, I still have another things to do such as doing more sport, pray more, and having breakfast more often (yes, I'm that lazy to even have my breakfast). I hope the eagerness will stay with me all along this year, so I will be able to accomplish all the good things as much as I can on this year. Aamiin. Anyway, have a good day!

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