Thursday, 3 March 2011

Another Repentance

This is such a horrible day for me and I hate myself for today.
You know why? Because I-AM-LATE (again) for the don't-know-how-many time.
Ya ya, I know I'm terrible on coming on-time. I have known that for sooo long time ago. But, I'm still a great late-comer 'till now.
Doesn't mean that I don't ever try to change that bad habit, I do want to change and I have been trying, yeah, maybe I'm just not success yet.

So, from what I had on this second day of March, now I come for 3 quick resolutions, and I'm really really mean it. Trust me! hehe :)

1. First of all, BE ON TIME!
I am trying to come on time and avoid lateness. I have to. I absolutely have to.

2. Stop Procrastinating!
Procrastinating never helps, or at least soo seldom helps. it makes things worse.
Wasting time for something unimportant is so BIG-NO-NO. So I have to stop being a procrastinator. I don't wanna be a devil's friend. And I don't wanna spend my whole day just like this:

3. Being Diligent and Discipline is a must.
No excuse for my self and always try and try and try again to be a discipline person.
Actually, my daddy often talks about this topic with me. He knows me so well actually, but I just never listen and never do what he ask me to do, I mean, being a discipline person.
So, what do I have to do then?
Um... I have to train myself to be more discipline than ever. No Excuse for myself and Never will be. Yak!

This is not the first time I decide to make a resolution. I have made it so many times. But they're just end up with no realization. So, consistency is urgently needed here, for sure.  Don't give up, talk less do more and keep trying, myself!

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