Saturday, 11 June 2011

Buku Kumpulan Cerpen Gokil

Finally the book is out, blopple!
What kind of book is it? Lemme tell you! : )

Do you still remember about my short story that I posted in this lovely blog page, with 'Gara-Gara si Oom' as the tittle?

Yup! that story is there inside this book, and the book is now available on Book Store.

Actually, that story is made to join the short story competition that was held by Sekolah Tinggi Menulis Jogja, and actually, there were 3 categories of story that was being competed, they were 'Gokil' category, 'Horor' Category, and 'Cinta' category. In each book, there are 10 short stories from all the top ten winners, and I guarantee, you will like all the stories, insyaAllah! :p

It would be nice if you go buy one copy of it too, blopple :D and I hope someday I can have a 'real' one of my own book.

Annisa Sudibyo

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