Saturday, 11 June 2011

Indonesia International Week 2011

Heeellooo all, take a look on this picture below.

So, what is Indonesia International Week?

Indonesia International Week (Indonesia IW) is a kind of short term student exchange program encompassing discussion and seminar about multicultural society as the main topic, under the International Week Coordinating Organization (IWCO), with its headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. IWCO sets the standards IW operating guidelines for all organizing country such as Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and other European countries. In Indonesia, IW is organized by the Indonesian Student Association For International Studies (ISAFIS) and has become an annual program of ISAFIS.
This International Week carry the world peace mission and try to help discovering new perspectives of world, other people, and themselves, the exchange students. It's also hoped to become a vehicle to help building relationships with countries around the world and voice to the word about Indonesia's existence.

Then, what is Indonesia International Week 2011?

Indonesia IW 2011 is the 10th Indonesia IW and will be held on 2nd-13th July 2011 in 3 big and beauty cities, they are Jakarta, Jogjakarta, and Bali Island, as the poster said. This year, the main topic is INDONESIA: LIVING IN MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY.
During the program, the committee said, the participants will be acquainted with Indonesian culture, having seminars and workshops, try national foods and visit many interesting and exciting local places (e.g. Keraton Jogjakarta and Tanah Lot :p). The committee are hoping through this event, the participants can obtain some knowledge about culture and society in Indonesia.

If you want to dig more about Indonesia IW or ISAFIS itself, just go to their website! follow the link bellow »

This event is opened for both Indonesian and Foreign students, but for this year, the deadline of application form has been closed on 22nd May 2011. If you have interest to join this event, try to apply next year! : )
You, Indonesian and Foreign students, have to pay some money if you want to be a participant. But don't worry, because the committee said that all money you spend are worth it with all knowledge and experiences you'll get. Just prove it by yourself.

...aaand, thanks God for letting me in, being the part of this event. InsyaAllah I will join this event... and it would be sooo nice to share anything I get with you all. I hope I'll have a strong willingness to keep blogging during the event so that I can share all the foods, the good places, new friends, and all knowledge I could gather. :)

Annisa Pratiwi Sudibyo

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