Monday, 13 June 2011

Learn The Sign, Please

Actually I don't want to be fussy about this, but things are getting really annoying lately. It is not a big deal, actually. It's just me who feel irritated by 'those kind of tweeps'. Yeah, we are talking about twitter land right now.

So, have you ever meet 'those kind of tweeps'?

Okay, let me explain you first what I mean by 'those kind of tweeps'.
They are them who always too-much-concern about their followers, curious about the reason why someone's unfollowing them, and say 'thank you' for someone who has just unfollowed them. (I don't really get the last point, seriously).
They are them who always floods our time line when they are having a conversation with their friend, that often we don't know who their friends are because we do not follow them, because they never see and maybe never know the 'Reply' button functions on their twitter (I guess). They keep using the 'ReTweet' button, and... voila! all their conversation shows up everywhere.
They are them who always re-retweet their own tweet when someone retweet their tweet. Getting confuse to my sentence? I do too, don't know how to deliver it as simple as it could. But yeah, that's what I mean. I hope you get my point.

I write this not to mock or tease them, I just want to share what I feel, and maybe others who feel the same. I just want to tell them that being unfollowed never brings you a doomsday. When someone is unfollowed us, it just means, they are no longer want to read about our tweets, that's it. It doesn't mean that they hate us, they doesn't want to see our face, they want to stop being our friend, or any other exageratted reasons. So, you don't have to satirize they-who've-just-unfollowed-you by that "fake thank-you-for-unfollowing-me", because it never seems right.
Then, you don't have to give them "why did you unfollow me?" question, because it's kinda crap, you know? Everyone who has a twitter account, include us, reserve their right to follow or not to follow anyone they want, so you definately do not need to come with that question.

And, it's always better for us to read the manual book first before we use some electronic equipment, no?
So does twitter. Better we know first the functions of each features on it, so we can use it rightly. You can google it anytime, actually, if you do really want to learn about it. Here I give you a link to know the different function of 'Reply' and 'ReTweet', click here for the english version, and click here if you want to read a Bahasa Indonesia version.

So, this post doesn't purpose to show that I am the smartest or the most correct one. NO AT ALL. Again, I just want to share what I feel, and share what I know, to all of you who can read this post.

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